The other world !!

A must visit spot in Bumburet is the graveyard. Just an hour before the sunset, we got told about the way the Kalash bury and commemorate their dead. We asked for the directions to the[…]

Where the green meets the blue !!

Lush green meadows flourish in the Dudipatsar – Lulusar National Park located in Kaghan valley, Pakistan. The park is home to two large lakes of the same names, Dudipatsar and Lulusar, and the region is[…]

The Cloud 9 !!

The highest point on the track towards the most unique of the water bodies, Ansu or tear shaped lake. It is located in the famous kaghan valley. The track starts from lake Saifulmalook, another famous[…]

On Top of the World ..

Travelling is fun. It helps one to discover new places and learn about different people, their culture, customs and language. I am an amateur traveler. In fact, I, along with my fellow uetians, did not[…]

Where to stay on the Dudipatsar Track ..

The very beautiful Dudipatsar lake Track is located in the northern part of Kaghan Valley. The track can be approached from a small town named Besal which is on the main Kaghan road. It takes[…]

Trail 6 Islamabad, Hiking guide ..

There are six main hiking trails in the Margalla hills national park, Islamabad. Out of the three that I’ve covered, trail 6 is my favourite. It is unique in the sense that it has a[…]

7 Reasons why you should visit Kumrat valley ?

You must have heard about Kumrat valley up till now (and if you haven’t, look it up, you won’t regret). It is one of the least explored places in the northern part of Pakistan and[…]

The Kumrat Wonder !!

The amazing Kumrat valley is one of the least explored places in the northern Pakistan. That is why it is the most naturally beautiful vallies still untouched by human interference. The valley can be approached[…]

Kumrat, Jahaz banda, Kalash Tour – Day 04

Legend Green – Day 00 Blue – Day 01 Purple – Day 02 Orange – Day 03 Yellow – Day 04 Red – Day 05 We had arrived in Dir the night before. It was[…]